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Why be an Artist?

Why be an Artist?



Why does someone become an artist/writer/musician/actor/dancer, etcā€¦?


1. It is easy

Yes, indeed, it is sometimes the easiest work of all! At such times the art flows almost without thought from the mind and spirit outward to the paper, canvas, piano, keyboard. But this is after years of training, years of practice and work.

Those years can be full of joy, but will almost certainly hold fear and insecurity, self doubt or even self loathing. Because the standard for the artist is set by himself.

Viewers may tell him his work is awesome or poor, but he is the one who knows when it is right. And we can be our own harshest critics.

2. It is fun


Yes, it is fun! Sometimes. As a visual artist my senses delight in the color and texture I work with. It is such fun to use my imagination to think up newā€¦

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Main-stream Press Finally Tells The Truth and Blows the Lid Off The Harmful Effects of Vaccines!


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Finally itā€™s happened! A member of the mainstream press has the intestinal fortitude to publish the carefully ā€˜kept secretā€™, secret about vaccines and vaccinations: They cause dramatic life-altering damage and more frequently than ā€œevidence-based medicineā€ or ā€œconsensus scienceā€ owns up to or MDs, the medical profession, public health agencies and pro-vaccine acolytes acknowledge.

The UKā€™sĀ Independent NewspaperĀ published some extremely damning vaccine adverse drug reaction (ADR) information on May 31, 2015 that said:

In the 10 years to April, 2015, the agency received almost 22,000 ā€œspontaneous suspectedā€ adverse drug reaction (ADR) reports in 13 routine immunization categories including flu, MMR, tetanus, diphtheria and polio, according to a Freedom of Information response released earlier this month. [1]

However, the vaccine ā€˜anteā€™ has just been upped on vaccinesā€™ adverse events/damages according to the Freedom of Information (FOI) documentation dated May 14, 2015, according to the chart below.

The vaccine with the most ADR reportsā€¦

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“Be Cute, but Real in this Ugly World”



A look into NERD IN A JOCKā„¢

I wanted use my first entry to tell you how and why I started this site, blog, and what I plan to do with it.

I first would like to thank you for visiting the site, for the love and support; whether in my personal life or social media gateways such as Twitter. I am very grateful, excited about whatā€™s going on in my life, and whatā€™s to come. Hopefully we have had a chance to cross paths on other social networks portals and you already have a better understanding of what I am about and some of the things that interest me. Now that the site is up and running I wanted to provide you with more information about not only what those interests are, but also what interests you, the readers, and the wonderfully diverse individuals I have and continue toā€¦

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