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Why Persecution Is a Social Justice Priority



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Brooke Parks at Persecutionblog asks an excellent question: Is Christian Persecution a Social Justice Issue? I believe that it is. At least, I believe that persecution is a justice issue. Parks is correct to note the limits of social justice. Parks points out that the goal of ministry to the persecuted is not to remove inequality. The goal is not simply to make the persecution go away. The goal, according to Parks, is “for the church to be the body of Christ to them and with them.” I completely agree. From the New Testament perspective, “Being the body of Christ to them and with them” is primarily an action of justice.  Caring for the persecuted is a fundamental expression of biblical justice. Perhaps the term “social” can be abandoned, but the idea of justicecannot. And here is why.

In the Old Testament, God Himself proved to…

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How Should A Gentleman Treat A Lady?


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Some say that many cultural norms are rapidly changing; that views on marriage and religion are changing, and that general social attitudes in society and between man and woman in particular are underlying even more changes to come. Are relationships between men and women much worse, many ask? Clearly, men and women in the younger generation approach each other on more equal terms. Most women have wanted more egalitarian social, economic and sexual practices to be followed. Men have largely agreed with those principles over time, and most men have fallen in line with man and women being on a more equal footing than was the case in the past.

But alas, there are reasons to believe that battles between the sexes are not over. In public, there is much nasty commentary. It often starts with troublesome sexual innuendo, which, in my view, has no place in polite discourse. Women…

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