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No-Bake Peanut Butter-Cacao Cups



No-Bake Peanut Butter-Cacao Cups.


To be..

To be..

Leather & Lace, Nature & Love

To be the captivating inspiration
The creative intimate passion
The holder of his enchanting eyes
The lingering gaze of connection
To be mystery he aches to unravel
To be the only mind he holds dear
The forest of his very dreams
The conversation that intrigues him
The body and the flesh
The tempting forbidden fruit
He longs to taste and savor
To bite into and devour
To be his only star
In an entire galaxy
And he my only moon
To be his shadow when he’s alone
To be his light in that dark
To be his laugh and his smile
The flaming blazing desire
To fuel his vivid imagination
To be the only liquid love
The only bleeding ink worth
Of dipping his
Loving feathered quill in
To be the paper that comforts him
The page after page he saturates
The parchment catching his every
Pouring dripping gushing word

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