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Compelling Crescendo



Compelling Crescendo

Could Heaven possibly Sound Like This?
Do Angels Sigh in such Seraphic Bliss?
Does this Music Pour Into the Light,
Shimmering in the Brightest of the Bright?
Might this Intoxicating, Liquescent Song,
Bring Tears to the Mighty Heavenly Throng
As it Brings to me in the Deepest obscurity,
A Blazing, Rapturous Expression of Purity
Lifting my Spirit from the deepest chasm,
Into Surrender I scarce can Fathom.
O Glorious, Compelling, Crescendo of Sound,
In Your Presence, Perfection is Found!


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Folding Floor Cushion {tutorial}


Beautiful creative affordable DIY cozy comfort home decor project ❤

you and mie

Phew, this week is flying by! Today’s project is one of many on a list of home improvement projects that I tend to put off. But I’m so glad I got this one done and I love how it turned out!


Recently, we bought Yuki the popular Ikea Kura bed, which can either be a low or high bed.  If you choose the lofted bed, it creates a nice space underneath which can be used as another bed, or you can use the space for something else.  Eventually, we imagine we’ll put another mattress underneath for Kaya, like a bunk bed, but until then, we wanted to use the space for some of Yuki’s things like her dresser and books.

So we created a little reading nook for her!  And no nook would be complete without some sort of comfy cushion situation.  Hideko and I brainstormed a few ideas…

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The Law of Attraction isn’t true.


Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine

IMG_3773Dear One,

I want to talk about this. Are you up for it. What if I don’t believe the law of attraction is true? What if I think the Law of attraction isn’t true? The thing is, that it doesn’t always work. So how can it be called a law and or a truth? If something is a law it is supposed to mean that it is true all the time. Unless it isn’t. What if the law of attraction isn’t true at all times? Only sometimes? Would it still be called a Law?

This conversation is an invitation to think for yourself. I have inserted some PROBE lights that you might wish to use to search your own thoughts – and also provided a few of my own strong views on the topic. I am clearly not seeking agreement, but your own inquiry. Oh, you want to know what…

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