Local Goodwill store finds inspiring creativity. Arts, crafts, sewing, jewelry, candy, chocolates and cookie making



10 assorted designs molds to create mixed medias, arts, crafts, jewelry, candies, chocolates, cookies, lollipops. Rosettes, horse head portraits, running horses, horse shoes, leaves, bunnies, valentines and hearts.
2 large curtain panels of metallic gold threaded floral print fabric in jewel tone colors of blues, purples and pinks to sew into blouse and use scraps for quilting crafts.
3 new cotton muslin dolls to use as models for sewing doll clothes. Will hand paint faces and use yarn stash for hair to give them each their own unique personalities!
Cotton muslin crochet trim retro vintage doll dress to use as pattern inspirations for using up fabrics and trims stashes and ideas for doll clothes and other clothing designs ideas for children and adults.
Fabric angel and wire angel with trims, beads and sequins to use as models to create more from wire, fabric, arts, crafts, beading and jewelry stashes.
Brand new makeup cosmetic bag to sell on my eBay store.
Total price for all $14.00 !
Thrifting is fun, ecosustainable, affordable and you always find one of a kind and unique treasures!


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