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Trouble Shooting Guide Illustration | December/January 2014 | Sew News



Trouble Shooting Guide Illustration | December/January 2014 | Sew News.


30 Great Places to Buy Fabric Online


The Humble Nest

You can make the greatest stuff with your sewing skills but if you don’t have great fabric to work with your projects just won’t turn out as well. Finding fabric that is perfect for your needs can be a bit of a hassle and it’s often a task that’s best done in person so you can gauge weight and texture. Yet, some of the best deals on fabric, especially imported or designer fabric, can be found online. Here are a few sites that I’ve found to be particularly useful in finding and buying great fabrics.

UPDATE: I appreciate all the comments and recommendations, but please check out my follow up post for additional sites. Many more suggestions appear there! 30 More (and Then Some) Great Places to Buy Fabric Online

Big Sites

These sites offer wide selections suited to basic sewing needs.

  1. Joann Fabric and Crafts: You’ll find pretty…

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