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How to use EW-SS-A



How to use EW-SS-A.



The Cayenne Room

By Charlynn Avery

When it comes to blending perfumes, essential oils are a tried and true way to incorporate nature into your own signature scent. Homemade perfume is easy to make and isn’t as expensive as department store perfumes – plus, it can be made with ingredients that are friendly to our bodies and our planet.

Once you understand the basics, experiment with making your own blend or try one of our recipes below.

Choosing your aroma

To make a great perfume, get to know your aromatic preferences.  Are you prone to florals?  Do you like earthy or musky aromas?  Are you drawn to light citrus aromas?  What smells the best to you and on you?  Once you figure out what you like, choose recipes that combine your favorite aromas.

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