Glitter N Glue DIY Martha Stewart Liquid Gold Painted Clay Pots

{No.1} Four words: Martha.Stewart.Liquid.Gold. Click here to see how I made these clay pots gold

{No.2} Gold staples  = the coolest office supplies on the planet

{No.3} These gold guilded business cards are BOSS…literally

{No.4} Gold metallic Washi tape

{No.5} This fabulous golden leopard tray

{No.6} A fierce pair of gold scissors named Fatima

{No.7} The way, the truth and the gold leaf lights

{No.8}  A tattoo my Mom will actually be happy I got… they’re temporary and gold

{No.9} Because every home needs a gold fringe chandelier

{No.10} Remembering to stay golden!!!

Just a few odds and ins that excited me, inspired me, entertained me or helped me make it through this  week. Happy Friday, ya’ll! xoxo

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